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We are FortySeven Software Professionals, a leading European-based software development and IT consulting company.

We support companies ranging from F500 giants to innovative startups in building comprehensive IT enterprise software. Our portfolio includes the development of state-of-the-art banking software, mobile banking solutions, and groundbreaking cryptocurrency platforms.

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Our Mission

We stand as a premier entity, comprised of highly educated professionals dedicated to transforming the banking and financial services technology landscape in the digital age.

Our team is united by a shared vision to provide global access to top-tier financial services, making them effortlessly available to all.


Our Culture

Sustainability is at the heart of our values, guiding our commitment to the world, the environment, and society through innovative technology. We embed sustainability in every facet of our operations, serving clients, stakeholders, and partners alike. Our culture is built upon four foundational pillars: promoting gender equality and diversity, advancing financial inclusion, preserving the environment, and upholding modularity in software architecture.

Trustworthy tech stack

We follow the latest trends in software developing and use the technologies that make our software secure and reliable. Our tech stack includes Java, React, JSP/Spring, Google Cloud.



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Our Software

Finmatic is setting new standards in the banking industry with our innovative software, providing clients with a unique competitive advantage.

Our platform is uniquely equipped to easily manage customer onboarding and payment transactions, ensuring seamless operations while maintaining robust AML and security standards.



Finmatic adheres to the highest standards of quality and security, complying with ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and PCI DSS. Additionally, we ensure full compliance with EU market regulations, including PSD2, GDPR, and PCI DSS, upholding our commitment to operational excellence and data protection.

Reviews from our Clients

We would like to thank the Finmatic team for an efficient collaboration that has continued since 2015. Over time, the functionality of the Finmatic platform has been essential to the successful completion of many important business projects that we have implemented.
We want to highlight the high level of expertise demonstrated by Finmatic’s employees, who continuously provided timely guidance in creating technical specifications, proposing optimal solutions to improvements and offering help on urgent matters.
Chief Financial Officer
With Finmatic, we achieved a substantial reduction in time-to-market for launching our payment solution. The platform's wide range of customisation options, which let us properly match our offering to our clients' needs, was one of the main characteristics. Furthermore, the open API enabled swift connectivity to integrations and banks. By following best practices, their team makes sure that communication is easy and productive throughout the project.
Product Owner at Payrise
Our experience with Finmatic has been very pleasing. Their consultants demonstrated deep knowledge of our industry's challenges and were quick to adapt their workflow to align with our needs and internal processes. Integration with third-party providers for KYC and AML was seamless and efficient. Even after the core project's completion, the support and maintenance we've received have been consistently great. We really appreciate the opportunity to stay agile and adapt to changing needs in the development process.
Otry Capital
Senior manager at Otry.ca
Leveraging Finmatic’s robust core banking modules, including wallets, payment forms, currency exchange, card services and more, we achieved an impressive launch timeframe for our payment platform for business owners. Moreover, the release of an app for our services was also implemented quite quickly. One more significant advantage is the wide array of integrations with various banks and third-party providers, what enabled us to swiftly incorporate new payment methods for our customers.
Chief Operating Officer